Sewing Amy

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Amy’s hooded character bath and beach towels have been a favorite with kids of all ages for over 20 years.  Individually hand-crafted from fine quality towels and durable materials, characters, they have been a favorite at regional craft shows throughout the midwest since 1992.

A consummate seamstress with a passion for excellence and quality, Amy uses a Janome 731B Magolia sewing machine, high quality towels and a short mile of thread to stitch everything together, including logos and other decorative elements.

Ears and feet are sewn from scratch from hand cut fabric and banting while her famous Froggy eyes are hand cut fabric stuffed with banting, painted with fabric paint and hand stitched to the towel.  You can often see Amy “making eyes” at craft shows.

Amy hand cuts her own Batman and Superman logos from high quality felt and backing before double stitching them to the towel.  If it’s done by Amy, it’s done right!

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